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Homesickness is a constant, and the longer I spend away from Puerto Rico, the more my sense of home becomes compromised. This year was the longest I spent without going home in seven years. For the first time, I began feeling like a free agent, attempting to ground myself through creating images that remain spatially anonymous that could have been taken on the island or in Brooklyn, my current place of residence.

These representations tend to embody elements of nature, transformed through man-made objects, or can be architectural elements like fences with decorative qualities that remind me of Puerto Rican homes. What they all have common in my eyes is that they are mismatched reflections of my alternate realities.

Capturing abstracted textures and structures serve as a form of comfort that trigger memories of a space and time that represent home to me. Without a sense of belonging, these images become a concretization of my being, as I search for symbols of home whenever I am away from them.